You can buy pasties through our Etsy store. 

If you have a bespoke style in mind please contact us, we are more then happy to help.

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Unbox with me

See how our pasties come packaged with this unboxing video from @Jasmine.Tease the winner of our halloween giveaway.


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How to : Pastie guide

1, Print your Nipple Pastie guide. 
2, check sizing 

3, cut down the 'cut line'

4, keeping the cut line on the top, fold the letters under. creating a cone shape

5, compare the gradient of the cone to that of your chest.
6, once satisfied the guide and your chest are of the same gradient tape the cut line down (double check after taping)

7, whichever letter is the closest to the cut line is your gradient letter

8, cut down the number circles until you find a number that covers your nipple to your satisfaction (its a good idea to know your biggest and smallest number)

9, you have your perfect pastie sizing e.g E14