“Emma is the only costumier in New Zealand that I trust with my costume concepts.


From the first draft to the final project Emma proves that she has the up most professional work ethic with her attention to detail, clear communication and pure talent.

From my very first costume Emma has been a stickler for the details to make sure that the costumes are all stage ready, absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful and most of all that they are multipurpose.

The design process is clear and concise with Emma keeping up communication with constant progress updates.

Emma is so creative and able to bring any idea to life in the most beautiful and sparkly way.

Any chance I get I try to promote the Quirky Costumier because with her talent and kindness she is definitely going to go places even in a post covid world.” 


- Dahlia Delight - Personal Commission

"Working with Emma has been nothing short of fantastic. 

This was the very first costume I have ever had commissioned, and she made the process so easy and enjoyable.  I really had no idea what I was doing initially and came to her with some inspiration photos and a vague theme, and she helped me to create exactly the type of costume I was looking for.  Her communication and responsiveness was wonderful and she had so many hold points along the way for me to check in on the costume and suggest tweaks if there were things that I wanted to change.  The whole thing was done so quickly and easily and it looked so amazing for the final performance!  I would easily recommend Emma to anyone looking to commission a costume, and I will absolutely be returning to her for my next performance.

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 9.08.41 AM.png




Crystal Mischief


"Quirky Costuimer aka Emma has an eye for detail and high standards. If she’s not happy with the garment it’s not leaving her work room.

I’ve been working with Emma for a few months now and those high standards are consistent. I have come to trust those standards cos it means I look phenomenal on stage and in photoshoots.

Emma has given me a new confidence in my body that I never had. She did this simply by making a g-string that fits me. In 10 years of performing I’ve never been able to buy a g-string in my size.

I love the whole creative process with Emma, she translates my crazy ideas into beautiful creations that work!

I adore the packaging she delivers the items in. It’s like a showgirls Christmas. Thank you Emma for being you, you are a delight to work with."

- Crystal Mischief - Personal commission 


Pole dancing


"Emma made a costume for a pole dancing competition for me and it was through and through a positive experience.

Far from seasoned performer, I wanted something comfortable, unobtrusive and of course gorgeous. I also wanted for someone to take care of the hard parts for me so that I could concentrate on preparing for the competition.

Emma kept me in the loop the entire time, including pricing, design and every other little detail of the costume.

She came to my house to do a fitting and was so responsive to adjustments that the resulting costume felt like second skin and portrayed my performance character perfectly.

Overall if you have a performance coming up and want to have your dream vision magically come to life in the most comfortable and caring way possible I highly recommend Emma of Quirky Costumier for the job so that you can really pour yourself into taking care of the performance component."

- Alisa Yunusova

My Fair Lady



"Emma was a pleasure to collaborate with on My Fair Lady, and really poured her heart and soul into the show's costumes.


Taking my brief she created designs which suited the period and style I wanted to evoke perfectly, giving the show a very strong sense of time and place.

Her work to construct those designs was outstanding, and both I and the cast were truly blown away by the beauty and grandeur of the finished garments.


Throughout the rehearsal process she kept a level-head, even when the workload seemed insurmountable, and I can't recommend her highly enough."

 - Michael Stebbings - Director

4 Nights at the Green Barrow pub



"Emma is a skilled designer, specialising in costume, who can work in a broad range of different styles, from detailed period costume construction to careful selection of modern dress items.


In my work with Emma, I've been impressed by her flexibility and willingness to collaborate with her director and others on the design team to create a unified vision for the final product.


She's also a friendly and positive presence in the room."

  - Cassandra Tse - Director/Producer

WOW window

Visual design


"Emma’s design and costume background make her a perfect person to manage the concept, creation, and installation of the WOW 2019 window of our Lambton Quay store. She displayed conceptual innovation and creative excellence in bringing the idea to life. Her work ethic and dedication to high-quality execution were exemplary, and her ability to collaborate with others to realise a wider vision resulted in the best window we have ever had. I have been consistently impressed with the quality of her creative talent and ability and would recommend her for any future projects."

  - Georgia Francis - Visual Merchandiser for Farmers