The QuirkyC string

This products is all about flexibility. 
It can be a G-string or a C-string. With adjustable straps that can be replaced at a moments notice this look will always stay fresh.

Overlap or mix and match your straps. 

Made with satin lycra this garment demands the spotlight wherever it is.

The Quirky Adjust

This G string is better then most, we've added some pleather to the inside so you can stick it to yourself when you're performing, this means no mis-haps!

This G-string is adjustable, making sure if you go up or down in size this custom piece will always look great. 

Available in an array of colour combinations.

Additions such as the 'Cherry' Can be added for an Extra 

The QuirkyC straps

All of the sass with all of the straps.
These straps are used in conjunction with the QuirkyC String, you can switch out your colours to constantly update your look. 
We are looking to add more options to this soon

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